If you are experiencing issues with Spam, a good first step to getting your spam issue under control would be to adjust your SpamAssassin settings to be more aggressive when applying the spam filters.

Note: to follow this guide you will need your cPanel login credentials on hand. If you have forgotten your cPanel credentials, they were included in the original ‘Welcome to Serversaurus’ email which you should be able to find in your inbox otherwise follow these instructions on how to update your cPanel password.

1. Firstly, login to cPanel and navigate to the Apache SpamAssassin function, using the search bar to assist with this.

2. If you have not already, select ‘Enable Apache SpamAssassin‘.

3. To adjust the spam filters choose out of 1-10 from the drop down list, 10 being the least aggressive and 1 being the most.

If you would like to configure the SpamAssassin settings further, select ‘Configure Apache SpamAssassin‘. In this next window you are able to assign scores and nominate addresses you would like to be blacklisted or whitelisted.

If after adjusting the Apache SpamAssassin settings you are still having issues perhaps consider enquiring about our services SpamExperts and G Suite which are both great options for tackling spam issues.