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Bitcoin Payment Gateway WHMCS Module Documentation

Bitcoin (via Coinjar.io) Payment Gateway for WHMCS

This module uses the Coinjar Checkout service to provide your clients with a Bitcoin payment option.


Extract the module

You will need to extract the provided zip file into the root directory of your WHMCS installation. it will extract a ‘coinjar.php’ into your includes folder, and install identically named files to ‘modules/gateways/’ and ‘modules/gateways/callback’.


Once this has been done, navigate to the ‘Payment Gateways’ configuration page in WHMCS administration (typically located at ‘/admin/configgateways.php’).

You will need to populate a number of settings:

Setting Explanation
Display Name What the call the payment option on the invoice display page.
Merchant UUID Get this from https://checkout.coinjar.com/merchant/credentials
Merchant Secret Get this from https://checkout.coinjar.com/merchant/credentials
API Key Get this from https://secure.coinjar.com/authentication_token/show.
Use the Coinjar.io Sandbox Whether you want to test using Coinjar’s sandbox
OK URL Where to send users after they’ve made the Bitcoin payment
Cancel URL Where to send users if they choose to abort the payment process.


Once configured, you can try paying the invoice using either the sandbox or live environments.

If you run into trouble, ensure that `/modules/gateways/callback/coinjar.php` is accessible by outside servers. Otherwise, please submit a support ticket.

User flow

When viewing an invoice, clients will be presented with an option to ‘Pay with Bitcoins’:

If the user chooses to continue, they will be presented with the Coinjar hosted payment page, which will convey to the user the exchange rate, how much Bitcoin is owed for the invoice, and what address to send it to:

Once Coinjar detects that the payment has been made, it will redirect the user back to the configured ‘OK URL’.

Once Coinjar has determined that adequate confirmations have been made on the Bitcoin transaction, it will invoke an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) on the module, and the module will add a payment to the invoice.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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