Create a new account

This guide will walk you through creating an account within WHM.

Note: to follow this guide you will need your WHM login credentials on hand. If you have forgotten your credentials, they were included in the original ‘Welcome to Serversaurus’ email which you should be able to find in your inbox otherwise follow these instructions on how to update your password.

1. Navigate to the ‘Create an Account’ function under the ‘Account Functions’ menu on the left hand side of the page.

Specify the account’s primary domain, username, password and the primary contact for the account.

2. Select a package for the account, if you have not already created a package, you will need to create a package before you are able to create an account.

3. Choose the settings for the account. CGI (cPanel Graphical Interface) access is recommended and is selected by default, the cPanel theme can be altered by the client within cPanel if they have a preference, select language preference.

4. Select the DNS settings for the account.

For Mail Routing settings, it is recommended to have this set to ‘Automatically Detect Configuration’, this way any changes to the mail servers will be detected.

Select ‘Create’ to launch the account creation. You will now be able to view/manage the new account via the ‘List Accounts’ function.

Updated on September 22, 2017

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