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Finding your Domain Password/EPP code

If you are looking to transfer your domain name away from Serversaurus, you will need to find the domain password (sometimes known as the EPP code or authorisation code).

The guide will walk you through requesting the domain password.

Firstly, login to the Serversaurus Client Area, if you have forgotten your password, just request a password reset.

1. Proceed to the ‘My Domains’ menu item.

2. Find your domain listed on the page, and then press the tool icon to the right, you will now see a drop down menu, select ‘Manage Domain‘.

3. On the following page, proceed to the ‘Manage’ menu and select ‘Get EPP Code‘.

4. On the following screen, you should recieve your domain password, or a notice that it has been emailed to the domain registrant.

If the above fails …

If you do not see a success screen or do not receive the EPP code via email as suggested, then you need to contact support and we will send you the domain password manually.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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