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Setting up your email accounts

This article will walk you through the basics of setting up your emails accounts via cPanel.

Note: to follow this guide you will need your cPanel login credentials on hand. If you have forgotten your cPanel credentials, they were included in the original ‘Welcome to Serversaurus’ email which you should be able to find in your inbox otherwise follow these instructions on how to update your cPanel password.

Firstly, login to your cPanel account. Using the search bar to assist you, navigate to the ‘Email Accounts’ function in cPanel.

To add a new account:

Use the text boxes to fill out your account specifics. Enter the username for your account, if you have multiple domains,  use the dropdown menu to specify which domain name, enter a strong password and allocate a mailbox quota limit (if any). 

Once you have selected ‘Create Account‘ you will be able to see the email account in the account list below.

To update an email account password, adjust quota or remove an account: 

View the list of accounts at the lower section of the ‘Email Accounts’ tab. Take note of the functionalities to the right hand side of your account name; here you are able to change your password, update quota, remove an account, Manage Suspension, Connect Devices and access the Webmail.


Updated on January 17, 2019

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