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Troubleshooting mail issues

Below are some common misconfiguration issues or warnings received alongside methods on how to resolve them.

‘Cannot verify the server identity’ warning

Firstly, update your incoming and outgoing mail server in your mail client settings to point to mail.theirdomain.com. You may need to create a new connection all together to do this.

Once that is completed, install a complimentary ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificate on your domain.

Forgotten your email account password? or need to adjust your mailbox quota?

You can update your email account password and mailbox quota at anytime within cPanel. Learn more about managing your accounts within the ‘Email Accounts’ function.

I think I have misconfigured my mail client?

If you are experiencing a misconfiguration of your mail client, please refer to the mail client configuration settings included under the ‘Email accounts’ function in cPanel or follow the guidelines in our article about setting up your mail client.

Cannot access Webmail or cPanel?

After three failed login attempts the server will automatically add an IP address to the server blacklist. If you are refused access to the server, it may be worth verifying that your IP address has not been added to the blacklist.

You are able to remove the blacklist yourself by going to our status website.

If your issue still persists, please submit a support ticket to support@serversaurus.com including your IP address so we can investigate further.

Just go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ and copy & paste.

Still having issues? 

Make use of our troubleshoot email tool.

Updated on February 1, 2018

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